Fork Food Labs planned for Bayside Neighborhood

Fork Food Labs

Excitement builds for the arrival of Fork Food Labs in Portland’s Bayside neighborhood. Check out this MaineBiz Article.

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East End Lofts @ 273 Congress Street, Portland

2015-10-01 10.40.38

This Portland Press Herald article recently covered Bild’s newest project at 273 Congress Street.

Bild has been hard at work on the East End Lofts, a condo conversion and retail space at the top of Portland’s historic India Street neighborhood. Bild is pleased to be working with Clean and Simple Living’s Kevin Dwyer and Scott Pearce, as well as Tom Landry and the team at Benchmark Residential and Investment Real Estate.

If you are interested in a Loft take a look at East End Lofts’ website.


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Meet Audra E. Wrigley, Project Manager

Written By: Audra Wrigley

EAC_9352Responsibility has been a theme that has resonated with me throughout my career. Responsibility provides structure and organization in a world full of chaos. In terms of architecture, responsibility provides an ethical standard to which I feel that I must hold my designs. My moral responsibilities have manifested themselves many times in my career, but have never fully culminated in the way they have while working at Bild Architecture.

In simple terms, an architect is responsible for designing safe and healthy spaces for all occupants; however, occupant comfort often becomes an afterthought or gets value engineered out of a project all together. Although it is unrealistic to design a space that is comfortable for every single occupant who will use the space, I believe that it is still the responsibly of the designer to approach each design with a little extra empathy, compassion, and foresight for the end user. This belief began for me while I was developing my Master’s thesis titled “Healing through Architecture: Rethinking Mental Healthcare Environments”. My studies regarding the topic of occupant comfort and the impact that one’s built environment has on mood and healing are well matched with Bild’s work on life-long design projects catering to the elderly, as well as projects focusing on the mentally ill and disabled.

While architecture plays an integral role on an individual level, there is a growing global responsibility for architects. With the threat of climate change infringing on our planet, energy efficiency and resiliency are two factors that architects must understand and embrace. In order to better understand the delicate relationship between the architectural building envelope and the mechanical systems housed within, I decided to spend a year and a half working for an engineering firm before coming to Bild Architecture. This experience left me with a crucial, big-picture comprehension of the importance that architects will have in the future preservation of our resources and natural ecosystems reaching well beyond the confines of just the built environment.

Lastly, Architects are responsible on a community level. This realization came during college, where I focused my studies on urban planning, and was recently reinforced when I attended a local conference a couple of weeks ago, titled “The Challenge of Change: Are we Loving Portland to Death?”.  Many topics such as land development, immigration, affordable housing, homeless populations, and political distrust were discussed, and while most of these issues cannot be fixed through design alone, architecture still has a significant impact when attempting to solve these issues. Architecture has the incredible ability to shape society through subtle nuances and subliminal messages, shaping how space, neighborhoods, or cities are utilized and perceived.

All of these responsibilities of varying scales: individual, global, and community, are the reason why I am working towards becoming a registered architect. I cannot think of a better place to apply my responsibilities than with Evan and Sasha at Bild Architecture. Together we will work towards providing thoughtful, ethical, and empathetic designs for future generations, the city of Portland, the state of Maine, and the world.


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Bild wins SBA’s 2015 Micro Enterprise of the Year for Maine and New England

Bild is pleased to announce our receipt to the Small Business Administration’s 2015 Micro Enterprise of the Year for Maine and New England. We are honored to receive such an award. A big thank you goes out to June User and Jim Gove of Bangor Savings Bank for the nomination. The Bangor Daily News wrote a great article about Bild. Check it out Here.

Maine SBPY Winners 2015 USE

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Forq Food Lab coming to Portland, Maine

FORQ - Interior Rendering - Final - LogosFORQ









These conceptual renderings provided by Bild will help our client, Neil Spillane, in fundraising efforts to make Forq Food Lab a reality. We LOVE the idea of a shared commercial kitchen and tasting room and what it could do to support Portland’s thriving food culture. Check out what Neil Spillane has to say about Forq.


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Video: Marquis Lofts & Pecha Kucha Portland

Pecha Kucha Portland kicked off the 2015 year with a presentation series dedicated to “Design in your City.” Evan presented on the Marquis Lofts and how the public process played a role in the design evolution. Take a look at Evan’s 20X20 presentation here:

Architecture and the Public Process by Evan Carroll from PechaKucha Portland on Vimeo.

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Urban Infill on Munjoy Hill: The Marquis Lofts

EAC_8351Bild Architecture is pleased to announce our newest project: The Marquis Lofts. This 6 unit condo complex sits high atop Portland’s desirable Munjoy Hill. The design is contemporary, featuring breathtaking views, and a chic modern interior layout. At just 900 sq. ft. these units align perfectly with homeowners who inspire to downsize and live more simply, while enjoying all of the wonderful activities Portland, Maine has to offer.

The Marquis Lofts, at 33 Lafayette Street Portland, Maine, are marketed by Benchmark Real Estate. Photos, prices, developer’s comments, and information on Portland Maine can be found in this informational brochure created by Benchmark.

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Bild Welcomes Jesse Patkus

Written By: Jesse Patkus

Dance floors and drafting tables: My journey into the field of Architecture

Jesse 2

For years and years all I wanted to do was dance. For me, learning to dance was like a puzzle. A competitive puzzle. A way to express myself while fulfilling a need for physical activity. Bboyin, or “breakdancing” as it is commonly referred to, was the love of my life. From the time I was a teenager with professional aspirations, to the weekly open practice sessions that I continue to host for kids who share the same dreams that I once did, dance has been a constant. I spent countless hours on the dance floor in search of something. To be understood. To express an idea or an emotion and have others understand the idea and validate the feelings that drove it was intoxicating. For me dancing was about communication. It was about sharing parts of myself with others and learning everything I could about them. It was a language!

Fast forward ten years and I find myself on a different yet somehow familiar path. I have an opportunity to work at Bild Architecture while pursuing my degree in architecture from The University of Maine at Augusta. This opportunity has proven to be a wonderful experience. I have learned in a short amount of time that architecture is its own unique language. Architecture can have a profound impact on a community and the people who live in it. It can support activities that bring about positive change. And like dance, it can create an understanding of complex ideas.

While I admittedly still long for a time when I could dance with the reckless abandon that only youth can endure, I am extremely excited for the future and the passion I feel for architecture. I look forward to growing with Bild Architecture and learning to help others communicate their ideas through the built environment.

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Portland Society for Architecture’s new video, featuring Evan of Bild!

Bild Architecture’s Evan Carroll is featured in the Portland Society for Architecture’s new promotional video. We are so pleased to be a part of Portland’s great community!


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Bild Welcomes Jacob Wheeler

Written by: Jacob Wheeler

Jake Bio PictureGrowing up as a small town boy in Winslow, Maine,  who loved legos and building models, my dream has always been to someday design ‘real life’ buildings. From pillow forts and popsicle stick houses, to laser cut models of my own designs, my passion for architectural design has continued to increase. I have gone from drawing squares and rectangles on paper in first grade, to sketching perspectives and drafting floor plans in high school to computer rendering complex buildings in college. Now, I am extremely fortunate to be working for Bild Architecture, doing a variety of important architectural tasks. I am now able to bring my passion for architecture and construction all to use, in a great environment, with Evan and Sasha.

My love for architecture led me to attend Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island. In May, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and a minor in Construction Management. Although a great amount of information is taught at architecture school, there are a few key factors that often slip past students. For me, these factors became a large part of how I designed. During my four years at RWU, I focused my design work around client needs and constructability. Client relationships and constructability are often forgotten about in school and ultimately become two of the biggest factors when becoming successful in this industry. While it is great to design modern buildings with great architectural features, it is most important to think about the clients’ needs and how to give them the best outcome for their contributions.  While working at Bild Architecture, I have been able to further this goal. Evan and Sasha focus on what is best for the clients and work closely with their clients to give them the best possible outcome.

In an attempt to thoroughly understand the Architecture industry while in college, I minored in Construction Management. This combination gave me ‘the best of both worlds’. For me, taking Construction Management courses meant strengthening my career goals. Rather than just designing buildings, I understand how buildings come together. Working closely with Evan, has taught me many valuable lessons on building details and the necessities of building construction. In addition, the ability to attend construction site visits has provided me firsthand experience with the construction process.

As the summer progresses, I am thankful to have this close relationship with Evan and Sasha at Bild Architecture. I look forward to learning many more valuable lessons as I pursue my Masters degree in the fall and continue my journey towards becoming a licensed Maine architect.

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