Unforgettable Designs

Evan at the new Group Main Stream Home. Photo by Tim Greenway for MaineBiz

Evan at the new Group Main Stream Home. Photo by Tim Greenway for MaineBiz

Unforgettable Designs.” That’s the title of the new article by Darren Fishell now in the printed version of the MaineBiz this week. The on-line version of the article is called, “Architects embrace new designs for memory care facilities.”

No-matter the title, Darren does a great job connecting the practical and visceral considerations for why we at Bild are so impassioned about life-long design, design for memory loss, and design for affordable housing.

In other news:


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Sea Level Rise Adaptation Exhibition at SPACE Gallery


Makoko Floating School – Lagos, Nigeria. NLE

Sea level rise has been getting some serious press lately, particularly after super storm Sandy hit New York last year. Designers all over the world are weighing in with ideas for adaptation.

I’ve been working with the Portland Society for Architecture and SPACE Gallery to put together an exhibition at SPACE Gallery running November 1 through December 31, 2013. Waterfront Visions: 2050 is a symposium and exhibition exploring sea level rise on Portland’s waterfront.  The symposium, held November 7 at Portland’s Ocean Gateway Terminal, will feature presentations by sea level rise experts in finance, policy, science and planning. A roundtable discussion and charrette will be held the following morning, Friday November 8 at SPACE Gallery. Results of the roundtable/charrette will be integrated into the exhibit at SPACE.

MWP 12 1026 c_LOW 01_Main

Floatyard – Charlestown, Massachusetts. Perkins + Will

The exhibition will feature examples of adaptation, fortification, and retreat both locally and around the globe. Exhibit materials include work by Jessica Wagner Kimball of Sasaki, Susannah Drake of Dland Studio, and Brian Healy of Perkins + Will.

We are very pleased to be involved in this significant and timely exhibition. We hope you will join the PSA in exploring and developing strategies for sea level rise adaptation.

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Summer Internship at Bild Architecture

251084_1865802524319_2809560_nOriginally from Falmouth Maine, and currently heading into my 5th year (thesis) of architecture school at Syracuse University, I found myself coming back home for the summer and landing an amazing internship with a firm close to home, Bild Architecture in Portland. Having worked in an architectural firm in the past, I thought I had gauged properly my expectations for my summer internship at Bild; but, to my advantage, the experience was eye opening and intellectually profitable. Being immersed in a co-working space full of design rich individuals allowed for consistent mind flowing energy. Working in such a physically confined environment allowed Evan and Sasha to not only be my bosses, but also my mentors. The ease of communication and level of comfort initially established, created a platform for a great learning experience. They expanded my architectural horizon in certain aspects of the field that school just doesn’t sufficiently prepare you for. I had the privilege of delving into the business terrain of the architectural world, which is also knowledge you don’t easily gain interning at a larger firm. Whether it be shadowing client meetings, updating construction documents, 3-D modeling or renovating the company website, working one-on-one with Evan has expanded my architectural knowledge immensely. All in all, these past ten weeks at Bild Architecture have been a tremendously helpful experience, and a giant step on my path towards future success.

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East Bayside’s “Foxhole” hosts Pop-up Restaurant June 27, 2013

S1 V3

Pop-up restaurants are trending all over the world right now. A pop-up restaurant is a temporary eatery created for just a single meal or for a longer limited event. Pop-ups provide designers the chance to focus on concepts that emphasize atmosphere over durability, almost like stage set design. The goal is to create an experience that, by being temporary is edgy, experimental or provocative. Pop-ups provide architects the less common opportunity to design for the impermanent.

Past projects have “popped up” in old factories, recycled shipping containers, and underutilized open spaces. A pop-up can showcase the potential of neighborhoods, a chef or restaurateur. These restaurants provide a low cost/low risk opportunity for both patrons and business people to test the market in new locations.  Pop-ups can also allow seasoned restaurateurs the chance to create a unique experience.  This coming together of an exclusive group of patrons is the recipe for an evening to remember!

Portland’s East Bayside neighborhood, also edgy, will be stage to its own pop-up later this week. Jed and Isa Rathband are set to host Fox Street’s first pop-up restaurant event. Evan Carroll here at Bild Architecture was delighted to sit down with Jed to provide visioning graphics for The Foxhole. Jed’s interest in future development possibilities for this site, as well as bringing awareness to the benefits of infill within the city of Portland, are major drivers of this “market test.”

So friends, come on down to the Foxhole at 41 Fox Street this Thursday June 27th, 2013 at 6:00pm and get it while its hot! “New England Summer Dinner” is a collaboration between Damian Sansonetti of the Blue Rooster Food Company and Andrew Volk of the Portland Hunt and Alpine Club. To purchase tickets to this fabulous melding of pop-up provisions and creative community click here. And here’s a description of the event straight from the collaborators:

Blue Rooster + Hunt & Alpine // New England Summer Dinner

“Damian Sansonetti of Blue Rooster Food Co. and Andrew Volk of The Portland Hunt and Alpine Club are hosting a backyard New England summer dinner Thursday, June 27th at 6PM.

The multi-course meal will feature foods from the land and sea that are integral to summer meals in Maine. The menu includes lobster, oysters, handmade pork sausage, as well as local produce and sweets. The cocktail menu will compliment the food, and will highlight American Harvest, a US-made organic spirit. Beer will be available from Bunker Brewing.

Dinner is $75 per person and includes your first cocktail. Additional drinks are available for $5 each after. This event is 21 and over. Seating is limited.

The bar opens at 6pm. Dinner starts at 6:30.

The event will be held at 41 Fox Street. Street parking is available.

This is an outdoor event, rain or shine, please dress appropriately.”


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Group Home Groudbreaking with Wright-Ryan Construction

Bild is pleased to announce our newest project! Ground has broken on Group Mainstream’s new 5 bed group home located in Portland, ME. Bild is thrilled to be working with a fantastic team of professionals on this exciting project. A big thank you goes out to the Group Mainstream Board of Directors, Wright-Ryan Construction, and Real Estate Development Consultant Don Peterson. We look forward to sharing pictures of a completed project in just four short months. Thanks everyone!

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Apple and Google: Branding in Architectural Design & Renderings

I find these two images fascinating. They are each a rendering of the proposed new headquarters for very large tech companies: Apple and Google. Is there any doubt in your mind which is which? One is more colorful, and one more clean. One looks improvised or experimental and one is refined or unapologetic.

The branding of these images is to me, a clear example of what good architects will create for their clients. While design itself embodies values and ideals so does it’s presentation. The rendering of the Apple HQ is ultra-realistic and the building has an almost god-like aura. The effect makes you feel as though the Apple Company is an institution that will last forever.

On the other hand, the Google rendering looks hand-rendered and is playful and colorful. This style suggests a design that is in flux and a company that is constantly evolving. The designs themselves support the rendering styles. One is pure and unbroken while the other is fragmented and serendipitous.

I have a bias for the experimental over the refined myself, and that shows in my own renderings, which tend to include a hand-rendered quality and are less often photo-realistic. This varies of course, with each client.

Vanity Fair, on Google

New Yorker, on Apple

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Design From Within: Documentary Video

In cooperation with the Scarborough Veteran’s Home, Evan recently filmed a 30 minute documentary video outlining his nursing home design research project in 2011. Click the picture to watch the video. Enjoy!

Living in a Nursing Home – Evan Carroll from Evan Carroll on Vimeo.

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Sasha Salzberg-Portland Society of Architects’ Featured Member

We are excited to announce that Sasha Salzberg has been selected as the Portland Society of Architects’ Featured Member for September and October 2012! Hope you enjoy the article linked here. As always, we love to hear your feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us at sasha@bildarchitecture.com.

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Evan Carroll writes for My Generation-The Baby Boomer Years

Believe it or not this is a wheelchair ramp!

Evan Carroll was recently published in Current Publishing’s feature section for baby boomers called My Generation. Evan’s article, “Hanging on to the House”, gives an overview of the issues related to a family’s decision-making process and available resources when considering aging-in-place. We hope you enjoy the article!. As always, we love to hear your feedback! Please feel free to contact us at sasha@bildarchitecture.com with any questions or comments.


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Maine Veterans’ Homes Represented at NASVH Conference

Bild Architecture recently co-presented “Design from Within” at the National Association of State Veterans Homes‘ annual conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Thank you Maureen Carland and Deb Fournier of the Maine Veterans’ Homes for helping to put together a thoughtful and informative presentation. Click here for more information on our experiential research findings.

We always enjoy hearing from our readers! Please email Sasha Salzberg sasha@bildarchitecture.com with any comments or questions.

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