East End Lofts


The owner of this historic property wished to preserve the architectural heritage of the building, while providing clean simple living. The client chose this location in hopes of restoring the building to its original residential use and to offer a price point that is lacking on the Portland peninsula. Noted features of the building are its unique arched windows and high ceilings. This renovation project presented the challenge of programming 10 modestly sized units and accompanying parking spaces. The result is a clean, contemporary space for the city resident who wishes to enjoy a truly urban lifestyle. Bild is thrilled to be part of the renovation of one of Portland’s first residential buildings. More info at eelofts.com.

“Having worked with Bild on several projects I’m perpetually impressed. Each member of the team is informed, engaged, energetic, patient and above all collaborative. They work with clients not against them. They take client dreams and not only make them a reality but make them the best they can be. Bild is the future of Portland Architecture! ” Tom Landry, Owner Benchmark Real Estate, CornerStone Building & Restoration

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