Senior Housing Trends for 2011

This article titled “Top Ten Senior Housing Trends for 2011″ covers a LOT when it comes to what to expect in senior housing this year. The general concepts don’t provide any huge surprises, but there are many details that I found helpful and/or interesting.

For instance, as more people age and financing for construction continues for be difficult, there will be an increase in the demand for housing but not the supply of it. While this will be great for existing facilities, whose prices will go up, it will pose a serious problem for seniors who are newly seeking housing. Many of the ten points in the article discuss how senior housing will be re-envisioned to include more low cost solutions like in-law house apartments, technology to perform monitoring, and multi-generational developments.

Exciting to me is that low cost solutions tend to correspond with LOCAL solutions, and this is discussed in point eight.

Also exciting to me is the opportunity for new innovation in affordability in senior housing. Architects and contractors have the opportunity to create projects, solutions and facilities, that are sustainable simply because they are located in existing communities and with thrift in mind.

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