Summer Internship at Bild Architecture

251084_1865802524319_2809560_nOriginally from Falmouth Maine, and currently heading into my 5th year (thesis) of architecture school at Syracuse University, I found myself coming back home for the summer and landing an amazing internship with a firm close to home, Bild Architecture in Portland. Having worked in an architectural firm in the past, I thought I had gauged properly my expectations for my summer internship at Bild; but, to my advantage, the experience was eye opening and intellectually profitable. Being immersed in a co-working space full of design rich individuals allowed for consistent mind flowing energy. Working in such a physically confined environment allowed Evan and Sasha to not only be my bosses, but also my mentors. The ease of communication and level of comfort initially established, created a platform for a great learning experience. They expanded my architectural horizon in certain aspects of the field that school just doesn’t sufficiently prepare you for. I had the privilege of delving into the business terrain of the architectural world, which is also knowledge you don’t easily gain interning at a larger firm. Whether it be shadowing client meetings, updating construction documents, 3-D modeling or renovating the company website, working one-on-one with Evan has expanded my architectural knowledge immensely. All in all, these past ten weeks at Bild Architecture have been a tremendously helpful experience, and a giant step on my path towards future success.

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