A Great Article About “Small House”

Here at Bild we are always doing research and furthering our knowledge. We just came across this archived March 2008 article in Long Term Living.

The article is:  From “nursing home” to “home”: The small house movement – by Judith Rabig and Donald Rabig

The piece does a wonderful job summarizing one initiative that has the goal of re-imagining nursing homes. The “Small House” movement is the generic title for proprietary initiatives like the Green House Project.

The progression of transforming care for elders started with reforming the care itself, and was called “Culture Change.” The next step was to realize that the architecture was causing limitations to Culture Change and thus came the “Small House” initiative.

At Bild we know that care facilities that are isolated from the community cannot provide the social stimulation that helps individuals to THRIVE. We believe that care facilities need to be adjacent to community gathering places and institutions and that only a reunion of the generations can bring a complete healing atmosphere to the residents.

If this belief means that a new initiative will be born, that initiative could be called: “Age Reunion.”

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