Bild Judges Pie Tasting Competition

2016-11-22-16-10-32Hall Internet Marketing enlisted the services of the Bild office to judge their annual Thanksgiving pie competition. The stakes were high. Judges Eric and Evan of Bild Architecture, four year old Jesse and Bild office-mate Peter Bass of Random Orbit Inc. sampled the 6 pies including Pumpkin, three different takes on Apple, a Blueberry Chiffon and Sour Cream Raisin. After careful deliberation the winning pie was a Cranberry Caramel Apple. It was chosen because the sweet and tart flavors were perfectly balanced and had a perfect crust. It was a close call though, our judges enjoyed the taste and uniqueness of the Sour Cream Raisin as a very close second place.

Thank you to Hall Internet Marketing for including our esteemed panel of judges!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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