Hogewey Nursing Home-An Attempt at Normal Life for Dementia Patients


Photo Courtesy of Isabel van Zuthem

At Bild, we are excited to see “culture change” moving forward in long-term care. Recently published articles related to the Hogewey Nursing Home in Weesp, Netherlands appear to reveal a successful culture change story. Hogewey is a nursing home dedicated to the care of residents suffering from severe dementia. What’s different about Hogewey is the holistic approach taken in the care model, and their dedication to accommodating the free will of their residents. While residents are, in fact, confined to the grounds of the Home, they are also allowed to move about the grounds at their own discretion.

Front doors are never locked, residents are allowed to stroll around in their “house shoes”, leave their umbrellas at home, and eat chocolate for breakfast. Hogewey keeps them safe, while accommodating the freedom to choose their own path throughout the day. There is a small supermarket within Hogewey where residents may shop for groceries without paying for them. Residents are allowed to bring home whatever groceries they want, the care staff will return unnecessary items later that day.

Hogewey houses 152 residents within the 23 unit complex. There are six or seven residents per unit, arranged around a central living area, with two caregivers on staff at each unit. At Bild, we were very impressed to learn that Hogewey has determined seven “accommodation styles” for their residents based on typical Dutch lifestyles. Residents are placed together according to their tastes: rustic, urban, Christian, upscale, Indonesian, culturally accomplished or familial. We find these lifestyle choices to be an interesting architectural approach to placing a resident comfortably in the company of others.

Bild is pleased to learn about the positive progression of the Hogewey facility. We intend to stay informed in regards to this facility, and watch how this model grows and evolves. We are excited that awareness for long-term care reform is spreading everyday, and are proud to do our part in making positive changes for our fellow citizens.

The Hogewey home has been covered by ABC News as well as the New York Times.

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