Marquis Lofts

Project Goals

The Marquis Lofts is a project in which Bild was commissioned to create a contemporary design. Challenges included the use of an existing foundation, a compact urban site, and an aggressive project budget. While intended to be a high-end product, the Marquis Lofts client was a developer seeking to meet market demand, not a private home-owner with the liberty to make purely emotional decisions.

The façade composition takes cues from several local inspirations. The use of clapboards is both a contextual reference and an abstraction of a sunrise reflecting on Casco Bay. The stepping back of the canopy and balcony elements is both a functional way of creating zones of privacy and a reference to the stepping passenger decks of the local ferry, the Machigonne II. The massing and color palate of the Marquis Lofts relates both to commercial ships of the Portland harbor and to the classic Portland triple-decker apartment building.

Energy conservation features of the project include high-efficiency triple-glazed windows, re-use of an existing foundation, urban-infill development, small flexible unit layouts, air-tight envelope, high-efficiency electric heat-pumps, heat-recovery-ventilation, and a continuous insulation layer in the walls. Particular attention was paid to creating a continuous air barrier between the living units and the enclosed parking.

“I chose to work with Evan Carroll, an up and coming, talented architect for a modern, fresh and exciting take on the ubiquitous multi-units that have been built through time on the Hill. We worked together to be sure that the building envelope, insulation, heating and cooling would be right on the cutting edge of best practices to insure an energy efficient, comfortable and enduring building. I am mostly thrilled with Evan’s design work that uses interesting materials in a fresh way.“ Peter Bass, Owner Random Orbit, Inc.

“From a design standpoint, Evan nailed the important essentials a project needs to be successful while contributing a unique piece of architecture to Portland’s East End on the creative side.  Evan and I worked together to refine the exterior wall and window details for Marquis Lofts to a point where they were both cost effective and performed at energy efficient standards the owner could use as a selling point for the project.” Sean Keay, Project Estimator, Wright-Ryan Construction

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