Group Main Stream


Project Goals
Group Main Stream worked with Bild to design a group home for the severely developmentally disabled. As most group homes are renovations of existing buildings, the project goal was to create a model for affordable new construction that could be repeated in other locations. The home was to provide a living situation that was as integrated with the community as possible.

Challenges and Solutions
Budget was a primary constraint in this project. Bild worked closely with Group Main Stream and the construction managers at Wright Ryan Construction to reduce costs in all fields while maintaining a high quality of space and care.

“Evan saw our project through a variety of changes and limitations without hesitation.  He remained flexible and enthusiastic throughout the project, always willing to shift gears to meet the needs of our agency and most importantly the individuals who would reside in the home.  Evan maintained constant communication with the team, always leaving us feeling that GMS was top priority.” Jess Irish, Director of Operations, Group Main Stream

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